Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Where Ya Been?

I forgot I had a blog site..... DOH! OK, life updates:

  1. Bob Robbins left LifePoint Church to pursue other ministry opportunities. Gonna miss that family but pumped to see what God does through them and through LifePoint Church.

  2. Currently searching for a SUV for Haley, my 15 year old daughter.

  3. My boys, Dawson & Griffin, are constantly demonstrating that they are getting what it means to be like Jesus!

  4. Ashli, my 17 year old daughter (almost), works and studies so much that I don't get to hang out with her enough... going to remedy that.

  5. I'm reminded every day what a wonderful gift Vange (my wife) is to me!

  6. Daisy, my Golden Retriever, has been jumping up in bed with one of my boys every night... that is a bit funny.

  7. I am part of a Lifegroup at LifePoint church.... and we actually do life together..... the celebrations, the tragedies, the fun, the learning, the honesty..... it is amazing!

  8. Still cleaning up leaves for my clients and it is well into December....

Live loud, live intentionally, love God and love people!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

What The Flagnog!

Can we all just agree that I suck as a time manager..... Can't find time to blog....

A few updates.... Vange and I bought the girls a car... the plates are "FLGNOG 1" from the famous quote in Monsters Vs Aliens; "What The Flagnog!"

Took my girls a a couple long motorcycle rides with some friends from LifePoint... good times!

Dawson and Griffin have 2 of the best teachers on the planet; Mrs Levault and Mrs Kocarnik. Wait till 5th grade.... the dynamic duo of Meador and Mueller!!

Went to all my kids' swim meets... they did really well!!!

Live loud, live intentionally, love God and people with every word and every action!

Friday, March 12, 2010

By Your Side

This Sunday at LifePoint we are introducing a new worship song titled By Your Side from the band Tenth Avenue North. As I was taking time to explore the song, I found some interview pieces with Mike, the singer/writer. Here are a few thoughts from him behind the song which lead to my decision to use it at LifePoint:

The song is God talking to us reassuring us of the concepts of how His love works.
ALL of us have some things jacked up in life that break the heart of God and frustrate Him
We can NOT earn God's love and grace.
Focus on what He has done for us.
We think we have to "clean up" before we can approach God.
We can come to God during our farthest and darkest moments.
Jesus died for us, knowing we would spit on Him, to provide a way for us to be with God.
Forgiveness is available right where we fall... right when we fall.

Gonna be good this weekend (like every weekend).

Live loud, live intentionally, and love God and people with every word and every action.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flock You

I'm pretty sure I'll never grow up. (Those of you who know me are agreeing...) I used to love to TP my friends when I was younger (last year...) Vange and I have taken our girls TPing and "taught" them how to do it right.... Fast forward a bit... here we are today with a chance to relive some of our practical joke days.... Driven Student Ministries is doing a fundraiser that involves putting a flock of pink flamingos in someone's yard and removing them for a donation.... they'll even FLOCK someone of your choice for a bigger donation.... You can even "buy" insurance to make sure you don't get flocked again (insert Won't Get Fooled (Flocked) Again from The Who here).

The funny thing is that the kids are supposed to be doing this thing... and the parents of the younger ones just provide a taxi service..... BUT (there's always a big but) what I'm finding is that the "adults" (let's use that term loosely shall we...) are having more fun than the kids..... When all this is done, the money raised will help our kids get to BigStuf camp and experience God in an amazing way.

Live loud, live intentionally, and love God and people with every word and every action!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Various Ramblings

Wow... I forgot how to log into my blog it's been so long..... OK so here's what has been going on... in no particular order:

Me and the boys went to our first Monster Jam... they are totally into monster trucks right now.... I have to admit, it was very cool! I've never felt more "redneck" in my life!

Ashli got her driver's permit.... she is doing very well.... but since we only own huge trucks, she feels she needs to point out every yellow Cavalier and Cobalt that she notices is for sale

Took the family to the Boat Show - we have not missed one in 16 years.... we laughed about my dad needing a boat with a recliner... then we saw one! Ashli had to get a pic and send it to Grandpa.

We went to see Dave's band, Downtime, jam at a benefit.
Vange and I took the boys to the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit at the science center.

Lastly... I've been going to see Haley's V-Ball team play a couple teams a week.... She is really good and it's fun to watch them play.

Live Loud, live intentionally, and love God and people with every word and every action!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Think Orange

I've been reading the Orange Journal compiled by Reggie Joiner. The main idea is getting the church and the family to work together to positively impact current and future generations. The concept of ORANGE is mixing Yellow/Light/Church with Red/Heart/Family to get a balanced mix of ORANGE. Here are a few tidbits from the journal:

  • What concerns us more: how we did on Sunday or how our people are doing on Monday?
  • Church and family leaders must work TOGETHER (like orange traffic cones) to lead people in a specific direction.
  • You can change the presentation of the message to better connect with your target group without changing the fundamental nature of the message.
  • Apply creativity to teaching the Bible so people GET IT rather than ENDURE IT.
  • How many families stop attending church because the struggle to get the kids to go isn't worth it.
  • Design a strategy that combines family with the faith community to demonstrate the message of God's story, in order to influence the next generation. (BAM!)

Live loud, live intentionally, and love God and people with every word and every action.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Against my parents' wishes, I grew up listening to some great Rock music. 2 of my favorites from back in the day (and I still love these rock tones) were KISS and OZZY.

Being a guitar player, I was totally drawn to the sounds of Ace Frehley and Randy Rhoads. During high school and early adulthood, I limited my music intake primarily to Christian artists. Today I drink in quite a variety of musical flavors. I try to stay conscious about what I'm filling my mind with, so the majority of what I listen to is either praising/promoting Jesus, or at least clean positive messages. There are a bunch of great artists that I feel are appropriate... maybe I'll blog some soon.

Back to the KISS / OZZY stuff. Some of the best ear candy I've ever heard are songs from back then:
KISS: I Want You, Detroit Rock City, Shout It Out Loud
OZZY: I Don't Know, Crazy Train, Flyin' High Again

What did you grow up listening to?

Live loud, live intentionally, and love God and People with every word and every action.